Stop Child Abuse

Welcome to Parents Against Predators a non- profit organization of great substance and community development. Parents Against Predators (PAP) was founded in 2009 by Sonia Parker, based in Houston, Texas. She are committed to help protect our children from predators in the communities in which she reside.

Vision Statement

Statistics provided by Texas Dept of Family and Protection Services,and Prevent Child Abuse Texas. Statistics for the State of Texas statistics data regarding child abuse in Texas and the United States. In 2003,there were 131,150 investigations of child abuse and neglect by CPS in Texas and 50,208 were confirmed victims. In 2006, victims of child abuse/neglect 53, 10.7 victims per child 1,000,147 investigations comfirmed, 31 cps investigations, 21.1% percent investigations confirmed.
National Statistics In 2001 ,about 3,844.00 children were reported as possible victims of child and neglect in the United States. Of the cases comfirmed:
  • 54 % were neglect
  • 19 % were physical abuse
  • 10 % sexual abuse
  • 3 % were emotional maltreatment
  • 14% were due to other forms of maltreatment./li>
  • 13,700 children are abused and neglected every day.
  • Every 11 sec. a child is reported abused or neglected
  • Every 5 min a child is arrested for violent crime.
  • Every 2 hours a child is a homicide victims.
  • Four children die from child abuse everyday.
  • Twenty-seven children die from poverty everyday.
  • 689 babies are born with inadequate prenatal care everday.

How to report abuse; it is everyone's responsibility to report suspected child abuse. In state of Texas, you can make a report two ways,by phone or over the internet.To make an anonymous report,you must call the state hotline at :1-800-252-5400. This hotline available 24 hrs a day ,7 Days a week. Online report at
In Our Community We Stand Up For Our Children We are committed to all children.